About us

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About us

RÅ Organic Skincare is a Norwegian skin care line committed to making high quality products that are uniquely clean and natural. Our products contain effective active ingredients that have a clinically documented beneficial effect.

Our products

The RÅ products are packed with nurturing, powerful and beauty enhancing ingredients, and they will greatly benefit all skin types.

Our products have been developed and tested under very challenging Nordic climate conditions on people with various sensitive skin conditions. This challenging task has given us opportunity to obtain a world-leading expertise in sensitive skin.

Most of our products are fragrance-free due to the fact that fragrance can cause irritation to sensitive skin types. We also have a smaller line of products with delightful scents from essential oils of the highest quality. Perfect for special occasions when you feel like treating yourself to some extra luxury.

RÅ Organic Skincare is produced on the stormy west coast of Norway. All our products are made in our own laboratory and factory premises in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and quality.

With love,
inspired by the mighty sea,
the forceful wind and the deep woods,
we made this uniquely pure skincare line.

Our philosophy

We maintain the highest ethical standards across every aspect of our business. We never test on animals, only use sustainable plant ingredients and choose recycled ocean waste plastic (OWP) and recyclable or biodegradable packaging. We avoid the obvious "toxins" and controversial synthetics along with other ingredients that are linked to internal health disruption.

RÅ Organic skincare

Some words from the founder of RÅ

"After manufacturing products containing synthetic fragrance for many years, I developed a severe perfume allergy. In addition to this, I had two daughters who struggled with atopic eczema. I wanted to create a brand that specializes in sensitive skin and the different skin conditions which are over-represented in northern countries today.

Natural and clean skin care products of high quality

As there are many degrees of sensitive skin, we have also developed the Favn series especially formulated for hypersensitive skin. The Favn products are packed with antioxidants, nourishing fatty acids and vitamins, and it can be recommended for unproblematic skin types as well. Favn was nominated for the Allergy Awards 2018."

- Torhild Næss, CEO Founder