About us

About us

RÅ Organic Skincare is a Norwegian skin care line commited to making high quality products that are clean and natural. Our products are completely free from harmful ingredients, and can safely be applied to even the most sensitive skin types.

Our story

The development of RÅ slowly began to take form in 2005. After working for several years with manufactering products containing synthetical fragrance substances, I had developed a strong perfume allergy. In addition to this, two of my daughters were suffering from atopic eczema. Consequently, we were having a hard time finding products that we could use.

Unfortunately, profit is very often the main focus in the cosmetic industry rather than producing safe and clean quality products. This makes it extremely hard to find good products if you have a sensitive skin. Also, more and more people develop sensitive skin, allergies, and skin disorders due to the high amount of harmful synthetic chemicals that we see in skin care products today.

The development of RÅ has been a time-consuming, enlightening, and exciting process.Torhild Næss, gründer

On account of this, I started, as a very critical consumer, to meticulously study how the different ingredients affected our skin. I also read all the information I could find about cosmetic ingredients and their appliance in skin products. This way I acquired a broad competence within this field.

As the years went by, my passion for ultra fresh and natural skin care products increased along with my mistrust towards commercial cosmetics. To tell you the truth, I was pretty shocked by what kinds of ingredients that are permitted in this industry. Not to mention the unbelievable quantities of harmful chemicals etc. that manufacturers add to their products without informing their customers about it. For instance, if the term «parfum» is listed among the ingredients, the manufacturer is allowed to add over 150 different unhealthy chemicals, among them a substance called phtalates that is especially harmful.

The development of RÅ has been a time-consuming, enlightening, and exciting process. An innumerable amount of hours with hard work has been put down since 2005, when RÅ was just an idea, until today when RÅ is a brand of high quality that we are very proud of. Now we also have a chemist and a toxicologist as a part of the RÅ team, and together we have perfected our products, and raised the quality up to the highest level.