Organic products

We have developed formulas consisting exclusively of hand picked, carefully chosen ingredients.

Also, all of our plant oils are ecologic. The use of the latest biotechnological research ensures that we can deliver products that are 100% natural and free from skin irritating synthetic chemicals.

All our products are certified by both a chemist and a toxicologist. They are also regularily dermatologically tested on persons who suffer from different kinds of allergies and skin disorders. We are very proud of the fact that we now market an assortment that is both recommended and sold by dermatologists.

Products adapted for atopic eczema

Of our 78 products, 73 are 100% natural. The remaining 5 products are especially adapted for atopic eczema. After 13 years of personal experiences and a larger dermatological test on persons suffering from atopic eczema, we have learned that most of the cold pressed oils and plant ingredients, which we love in RÅ, can cause the eczema to worsen. This is why 5 of our products are manufactured from cleansing plant oils, and are synthetically preserved. These products are still 99,5% natural and very allergy friendly.

All our ecological plant oils are certified by UK SoilAssociaton and Norske Debio. We and our leading suppliers support a sustainable utilization of resources, and we entirely disapprove of testing on animals when developing cosmetic products. This is strongly integrated in our values and identity.